Affordable USB 3.0 Card readers

I have much experience buying card readers, but at quality?  The ones I always seem to get (from eBay or cheaply made ones), the pins break or they don’t read properly.

About a year ago, I got this Transcend USB 3.0 Card reader.  It’s affordable and it looks pretty nice too.  I’ve yet to have any problems with it, and actually is faster than my onboard card reader on my desktop and laptop.  I got mine like a sucker from Canada Computers for $25 – but on, you can find it for $15 now.  I’ve used the SanDisk 3.0 card reader, as well as other high-end ones, and they all do the same thing, the only difference is that this one costs about a third of the price.  In fact, I’ve had problems with the SanDisk 3.0 reader on a MacBook pro once… never figured it out, and had to use a 2.0 reader instead.

This puppy reads ALMOST everything you need it to.. which I guess is just CF cards and SD cards, unless Sony is still using proprietary Memory Stick Cards, which I don’t think they are anymore…



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