SALE: Cine Lenses

I’ve been looking at lenses for a while – Specifically affordable Cine Lenses. I’ll talk more about other lenses later, but these are the big hitters around the $20,000-$24,000 range for a full lens kit of 5 or more.

Everyone knows that CP.2‘s are pretty amazing for the price, but for me the t-stop isn’t consistent enough.  They do offer a beautiful image and they are currently having a 0% financing deal on CP.2’s if you buy a set of 5, 6 or 7.

You start talking about Red Pro Primes and you kind of want a different look than what they can offer, they’re quite large and heavy for what they offer, and everyone has them! (And your AC won’t be happy because the witness marks are pretty bad).  They are affordable though, and offer a pretty good speed.

I’ve never seen any of the Sony CineAlta lenses at work, but I’ll try to rent them someday and test it, though they’ve been disappointing in the F3 versions they made.

Then there are these Canon CN-E Cine Lenses.  Which are on SALE now until September 30, 2013 for $2,500 off.

I haven’t had much play with these either, but the stop is nice, and Canon has constantly produced nice glass in the past, so there’s no reason to believe they’re not good.  The build seems good (from the short play I had with them)

If I were to buy a first time cine kit lens, this might be the option (with the sale).  You can swap out between EF and PL mount so that’s pretty awesome.  Might rent these for a job and see how they do, and then I might be inclined to sell all my L series glass, except maybe a zoom for vacations lol – If anyone has insight on any of these lenses, I’d welcome it!


It has been brought to my attention by a friend of mine, to look out for these:

Schneider Xenon FF Primes.  They’re not out yet, but they’re estimated to be around $4,000 USD each.  So that might be a great option too!

Also to keep an eye out is Zunow’s Prime lenses coming out soon – at T/1.5 and large enough for the new Dragon 6K sensor.



I'm Cinematographer in Toronto, Canada - just trying to learn as much as I can and share it all. Also the owner of Spectacle Media Inc.
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