RAMBLES: lighting for “Kitty Go Lightly” – Bar Scene

Forgive me in advance if this is a horribly formatted post; it’s the first time I’m posting from my iPad.

I recently lit a bar scene and I actually did a diagram for it. So I thought I’d share about how I lit it.


So looking at these setups, you might wonder why I didn’t use matching 650’s for the backlighting… This is cause we didn’t do a proper scout so I wasn’t sure what to bring.

We shot on a RED ONE with Red Pro Primes.

A Cam setup
25mm at a T/2.8 – ASA 800 – 4K 1.85
I had the 650w on a dimmer and the 300w back lights act as a key as well for the further subject. I had the backlight at a T/4 and the key as a t/2.8. I used a kinflo short 4 to fill in some of the dark in the front, having that light at a t/2. The 150w fresnel was snooted for a specular light on the bartender behind the bar – I snooted it so I could keep the light off of the two main subjects. I didn’t mention this in the picture, but I placed a 1/4 CTB on the 650 to counter the colour shift when dimming a fresnel; also cause the character on the left had a much warmer skin tone.
It was a day scene, but we blacked out the windows and lit it all for 3200k.

I’ll post a screenshot when I can, but this will have to do for now.

B Cam setup
85mm at a T/2.8 – ASA 800 – 4K 1.85
Similar setup but I pulled the frame and the 250 diffusion from the backlight, lowered the kino by half a stop with a net and placed some tea light candles in the background to create some depth in the scene.

C Cam setup
85mm at a T/2.8 – ASA 800 – 4K 1.85
Pulled the diffusion and frame off of the 650 and put the frame and diffusion back on the 300. Placed the 150w in the background to create some depth. I also added an LED 1×1 panel in the back to do some hard backlight for when the character gets up to leave, this light was at a t/4, the colour temp on this was closer to 4300K.

Screenshots to come!

Keygrip/Gaffer: Chris Leung
Swing: Sydney Tam
1st AC: Andrei Mates
2nd AC/Swing: Christina Louie


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I'm Cinematographer in Toronto, Canada - just trying to learn as much as I can and share it all. Also the owner of Spectacle Media Inc.
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