REVIEW: Rokinon Cine Lenses

I purchased these Rokinon Cine lenses not too long ago, and had a chance to compare them to Canon L series Primes.  I’ll share some thoughts on what I think.  Shot on my Canon 5D mark 3 – so take the full frame into account as well.

Lets dive in.

Canon 85mm L @ f/1.2

 Cine 85mm @ T/1.5

I had to back up a little bit because the minimum focus much further away than the Canon close focus was. – Also in retrospect, I made the mistake of not having the aperture the same, so the Canon glass has a bit of a shallower DoF.

Canon 35mm L @ f/1.4

Rokinon 35mm Cine @ T/1.5

Again, I had to move the Rokinon lens back a few inches to get the close focus to be at the minimum.  The aperture should be at the same for a f-stop and t-stop at a f/1.4 and a t/1.5, but the canon glass is still more exposed than the rokinon glass.

As for the 24mm comparison: I did have a photo but it was on another card and it got formatted =(  But you should expect almost the same results.

The Rokinon Cine lenses are wonderful.


  • They’re not as sharp as canon glass, but for cinema, it’s kind of nice.
  • There are hard stops for focus (I got these specifically for a Steadicam with a wireless FF… and cause I had no fast primes.)
  • Smooth aperature – allows for half stops and smoother adjustments on the fly.
  • They’re ultra affordable for what you get.
  • High aperture range – from T/1.5 to T/22


  • They’re about 300K warmer than canon glass, so if you’re switching back and forth, it could cause discrepancies if you’re not careful.
  • The 85mm is pretty short, so if you’re putting on a follow focus and a mattebox, good luck.
  • The close focus is pretty far away, 1.1M for the 85mm, 0.3M for the 35mm and 0.25M for the 24mm.
  • There is no other ranges of the same lens at the same stop.  They really need to make a 50mm and a 100mm to have consistency throughout.
  • 85mm has a 72mm front while the 35 and 24 have a 77mm front -> causes slowdowns for mattebox donuts or having different sized screw on filters.

Still I think overall, you can’t beat the price and they’re great to have.

Here is a teaser I shot with mixed lenses.
For the most part we used Canon Zooms: 16-35 L f/2.8 and a 28-70 L f/2.8
The ultra wide was a Tokina Zoom 11-16 f/2.8
Long shot into the background was a Sigma Zoom 70-200 f/2.8
The close ups during for the speaking was on the Rokinon Cine 85mm
Everything was shot at a f/4 for the most part | Shot on a Sony FS700.




I'm Cinematographer in Toronto, Canada - just trying to learn as much as I can and share it all. Also the owner of Spectacle Media Inc.
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