Rambles: Corner Gas Post Mortem

This post is more for myself than anything else. Normally I’m not a sentimentalist, but I want to share some of my memories with the people who might be reading this, or who are corner gas fans?

I will NOT miss the mosquitoes, the ticks or living in a hotel for 5 weeks. I will not miss most of Regina closing at 6pm when we don’t get back from set until 9pm… But I will try to remember this.

My 10 favorite moments during the 5 weeks of shooting of Corner Gas: The Movie.

10. Flying Digital Producer, Davin’s drone – which made me purchase one lol.

9. Going back to the gym. There was only one laundry machine in the hotel we were staying at and we had to be close to the machine while it was running – so I went running while I washed my clothes.

8. The 1.5hr commute from Regina to Rouleau (Dog River) with the digital team. Those were mini road trips with a fun group of people.

7. Being able to be the director of photography for the Digital commercials for the cineplex ad and the CTV ad, as well as all the other content.

6. Having such access to all the exec producers and actors. Fred Ewanuick (Hank) and Brent Butt spent more time on set than they did in their trailers. I shared a trailer with the head honcho, Virginia Thompson and became good friends with Rob de Lint.

5. Upon the first time meeting Tara Spencer-Narin (Karen), she got me a waterbottle from a low sitting cooler and opened it for me because I was carrying a camera on my shoulders. She was 7 months pregnant and didn’t know who I was.

4. Ken Krawczyk CSC, the DoP for the film and the series said crossing to my camera when he walked across my camera lens. It’s a sign of acknowledgement and respect I guess haha. He would come up to me and say ‘Hi’ to me everyday. I loved watching him work and learned a lot. He even asked me for some advice about some gear.

3. The cast and crew were amazing. They trusted us to capture good stuff and gave us almost free reign to do whatever we wanted as long as it didn’t interfere with production. One of the grips, Sonny Bowman, lent us his GoPro for the duration of the shoot and I was able place it almost anywhere I wanted.
Watching the cast go out to meet fans and seeing Fred and Lorne photobombing unsuspecting fans taking photos of the Ruby was hilarious. It was wonderful to work with such genuine and humble people.

2. Going out for drinks and meals with the digital team. Lee Ann Cotton, my boss (for lack of better words), had the most explosive laugh, and it was always great to hear it.

1. During one our 45minute rides out to Rouleau, I got to hear Fred Ewanuick sing and play a song with his ukulele. It was just 5 of us in the car and it was just a really nice moment.

Other things I want to mention are my thanks to the AD team for helping us out so much. They really made our job much easier. Thanks to Bill, the craft guy for keeping me alive, and a very big thanks to Davin for bringing me out on the job. I wouldn’t have been there without him. He’s a great producer.

Thanks for reading.


About thedavelam.com

I'm Cinematographer in Toronto, Canada - just trying to learn as much as I can and share it all. Also the owner of Spectacle Media Inc.
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One Response to Rambles: Corner Gas Post Mortem

  1. jefftds says:

    You are a tremendous talent, and always an inspiration. Reading this warms my heart in ways you will never understand. Not just because of this huge successful step, but because YOU yourself are as genuine and awesome as the people you’ve described here, but you chose to mention them only. Thank you for sharing your memories, and your heart. Congratulations on a successful shoot. Looking forward to all the things that are coming. 😀

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