About thedavelam

This blog is for Reviews on Cinema/film related topics, products, or the occasional insights.

Co-Founder of Spectacle Media and one of the executives and creators ofTeam Dim Sum, Dave graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and also graduating from the Ryerson Certificate Program specializing in Film.

Having worked on a boasting amount of productions, Dave tries his best to never forget his roots and where he started and came from, and is thankful for every opportunity that comes his way.

Born in Toronto, raised in the suburbs of Mississauga, Dave’s passion for filmmaking and entertaining spawned from his life of training martial arts. At first he was studying Biology and minoring in Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University.  It didn’t quite suit his tastes and he began working at CBC in multiple aspects from cataloging old VHS tapes to producing television shows to helping the casting department.  While working at CBC, Dave took night school at Ryerson University for film studies, and eventually left CBC to pursue his full degree in Film Studies. Originally entering film school to create martial arts epics, he now desires to create films with a message and richer content.

Although capable of all aspects of media and filming, Dave focused in Cinematography, Producing and screenwriting, in hopes to bring great visual stories to share with the world.

Dave has also trained Northern Shaolin Kung Fu since 1996.


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