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SALE: Hand Truck

If you’re a gear head like me, you’re always looking for a better way to make your equipment moves easier.  I saw these on sale and its such a great deal I picked up two. On sale at Canadian Tire … Continue reading

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RAMBLES: Brand Name Whores.

In many of my reviews; I review knock off brands or no-name brands.  This led me to write about this subject in the film industry of Brand names and being a “label whore”. You’d think it wouldn’t matter in this … Continue reading

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REVIEW: Tilta Hand Held Grips

I’ve been looking for a set of handheld grips are customizable and are suitable for both my heavier cameras and my lighter cameras – to be more specific: DSLR shooting and Alexa/Red shooting (even though my DSLR rig is becoming … Continue reading

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